Monica Bhatia

Founder & CSO

Scientist by training and has a decade of experience in commercializing bio-based technologies. Her work has led to successful demonstration and commercialization of bio-based detergents and fuels at scales varying from 1500L to 650,000L using feedstocks such as sugarcane, corn syrup and cellulosic sugars. Monica holds a PhD in chemistry from University of South Carolina and a bachelors and masters in Biochemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India.

Anthony Dykes

Anthony Dykes

Co-founder & CEO

Experienced startup CEO with Lens industry expertise. He was CEO and co-founder of EnChroma, creators of the first eyewear allowing colorblind patients to see color. Similar to Novol, this was a SBIR funded concept at his joining which he led to seven figure revenues. Anthony started his career as an attorney at Fenwick and West.

Jagdish Jethmalani

Jagdish Jethmalani

Co-founder & CTO

Lens industry expert with over 20 years in developing & commercializing lenses for prescription eyeglass market. He co-founded Calhoun Vision that created a new class of bio-degradable contact lenses. Over the years, Jagdish has served in executive roles at global lens companies like Ophthonix & PFO Global. He holds a PhD in organic chemistry from Oklahoma State University and a Post-doctorate from California Institute of Technology.

Sanjiban Chakraborty

Senior Research Scientist

Highly skilled synthetic chemist specialized in polymer chemistry with 10+ years of experience in polymer synthesis, characterization, structure-property-performance relationship. He has successfully created polymers from bio-renewable resources and developed polymer membranes in collaboration with chemical industries. Sanjiban holds a PhD in chemistry from University of Missouri Kansas City and two post-doctoral research experience from Northwestern University and Virginia Tech.